Why Lasmiditan?

Lasmiditan is a member of a novel drug class called "ditans".

Lasmiditan penetrates the central nervous system (CNS) and selectively targets 5-HT1F receptors expressed in the trigeminal nerve pathway.

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Lasmiditan does not interact with vasoconstrictor 5-HT1B/1D receptors activated by triptans.

No evidence of drug-related cardiovascular adverse effects or chest symptoms in the previous six clinical studies.

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Six clinical studies provide Proof of Concept in the acute treatment of migraine attacks.

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Development Plan

Phase 2b Proof of concept

Lasmiditan SP-Agreement

Meet CoLucid

Nadia Rupniak

Vice President, Research and Development

Nadia Rupniak, Ph.D.

A neuroscientist with 20 years experience, Nadia is best known as the champion for Merck's Substance P (NK1) receptor antagonist research and…

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About Migraines


A migraine is a painful neurological condition, of which the most common symptom is an intense and disabling headache.

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